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Elixir Development

It turns out what I like to do in my free time is advance my Elixir skills. I am currently finishing up my second pass of Elixir in Action, and then on to read Meta Programming in Elixir, which I own but never made the time to read. April and May are turning into my Elixir months!

I am working on long-form blog post on GenServer for those who don't really understand what is going on. I can honestly say that I used GenServer for at least 2 years before I felt really comfortable with it. Hoping I can shorten that time frame for those just learning it now.

The Meetup group for Detroit Functional Programmers is working through "The Little Schemer" which has been a lot of fun so far - you should join us!

Maybe take 2021 off from work

I thought I had a good idea to deliver a solution in the Craft Beer space, but after some research I was not able to validate my idea - just the opposite actually.

After some experimenting I finally have a daily routine that I really enjoy and I can't imagine I would change it anytime soon.


I received my second Covid Vaccine shot (You can get yours too!) 36 hours ago with no ill-effect. Both times I went to Ford Field in Detroit and the experience was really fantastic. Super job Detroit!

Farewell Volvo :(

For the last 2 years my primary vehicle was an S60 Volvo Momentum and I loved that car. I went with Volvo's subscription service with a 2-year commitment. Since I only put about 3,000 miles on the car last year, I just can't justify keeping it.

Deft for Emacs

Deft is my number-one must-have tool for studying. Like my own personal database (or stack overflow) filled with what I am learning with incredible retrieval speed. All in plain text (with some org-mode niceness).

last updated: April 14, 2021