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The Calm Before...

In mid 2020 I decided that I was not happy working where I was, so I gave my employer a 6 months notice. Now, about 2-1/2 months away from a job, I feel like the vacation is over. I am rested and motivated to start something new. That something new is called "Sprytna" and I just filed the paperwork to make it official. More details to follow.

Learning Polish Poorly

My fiancé is a native Polish speaker and we text in Polish, with a lot of help from Google Translate. I try to record a few phrases a day for her to critique (aka laugh at). At this pace I should be speaking like a Pole about the same time as we have flying cars.

Intermittent Fasting

I have really been struggling to gain energy and feel healthy in 2020. About a week I started intermittent fasting using some of the advice from Dave Asprey. Just a week in and I can say I feel better and have more energy. Let's see what happens after a month.

last updated: February 5, 2021